Ship Operation department plays a vital role in shipping business. The operation department deals with various Government & non-government organizations like Custom, Port, Immigration, Port Health etc and the Private enterprises like Importers, exporters, shipping agents, clearing & forwarding agents, financial institutions like – Banks & Insurance companies for handling clearance of INWARD/OUTWRD of the vessel.  The overall function of the department is divided into some part of simplicity, by maintaining the following CHECK LIST.

AA]    Before the Ship’s arrival at Ctg. Outer Anchorage:

  1. To declare the vessel with port authority.
  2. A nil IGM is to submit to the Custom Import section to issue the Import Rotation number. Again for Cargo stuffing an EGM is to submit to the Custom export section to issue the export rotation number.
  3. An application has to submit to the port health officer to get the free perquitic.
  4. As per custom act a Custom officer is to book to board on the ship from the patenga Custom F-division.
  5. In case of dangerous Cargo declaration Cargo discharging permission to be issued from the Bangladesh Navy and same has to submit to the Stevedore.
  6. A hot work permission to be issued from the CPA fire office and same has to be handed over to Master of the vessel for necessary hot work onboard if necessary.
  7. 3 sets of IGM are to submit to the CPA container terminal office.
  8. To serve the NOR to the consignee.
  9. To obtain Cargo gear clearance from Dock labor.

BB]      On/after arrival of the Ship’s arrival at Ctg. Outer Anchorage:

  1. To tender final notice of readiness to the parties concerned.
  2. To attend/receive the vessel with Custom.
  3. To obtain Inward Clearance from the Mercantile Marine department and the Shipping office.
  4. To submit final entry to the Custom house.

CC]    Proceeding on Berthing of vessel at GCB & CCT

  1. To posting of Custom preventive officer under respective division.
  2. To inform Port health officer & Immigration for issuing health certificate and shore pass respectively.
  3. Coordinate with C&F agents, Stevedore & Surveyors to commence discharging of Cargo.

DD]     Formalities to be observed for obtaining OUTWARD Clearance:

  1. To make payment of light dues to Custom House as per NRT & Deck cargo if any.
  2. To obtain NOC from POMMD by submitting required documents.
  3. To obtain outward clearance from the Govt. Shipping Office by submitting the required documents.
  4. To obtain Income Tax clearance certificate.
  5. No objection certificate has to be obtained from CPA on submission of Advance of Credit.
  6. To obtain port clearance (PC) from the Custom Authority on submission of the required documents.

EE]      At the time of Sailing of the vessel:

  1.  To handover Ship’s document to Master along with PC.
  2. To obtain sailing particulars from the Master.
  3. To get SOF signed by the Master if necessary.
  4. To get Mate receipts & Export Manifest signed by Master and obtain authorization letter from the Master to sign B/L incase vessel load cargo.

FF]       After sailing of the vessel:

  1. To submit Bill of health Certificate to Custom house.
  2. To obtain performance certificate from Authority for onward submission to POMMD.
  3. To submit Export General Manifest to the Custom within 10 days of sailing of the vessel.

 above is only a part of procedure to handle a ship at Chittagong port.